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    Our Core Programmes REIYL Our flagship conference takes place biennially to bring together folks working in and with inclusive young literature. The REIYL Conference is our flagship programme that takes place biannually. The inaugural conference was held in Glasgow in 2019 with over 50 delegates attending from all over the world. Panels focused on research by emerging and established academics as well as children’s authors. Each conference is intended to facilitate REIYL’s mission of bringing together folks under a broad banner of researchers working in and with inclusive youth literature - such as academics, teachers, librarians, writers, illustrators, and publishers - in-person and online to exchange ideas across disciplines and foster community. COMING INTO VIEW A programme that focuses on the experiences of readers and advocates for their inclusion and participation in research on inclusive youth literature. Developed by Rita Faire, began as a six-week programme that sought to learn about children of colour’s sense of belonging in the books they read while also advocating for their increased agency and active participation in the discourse around representation in youth literature. Based on the success of this initial programme, our intention is to develop into a biannual event that will continue to focus on how children of colour experience belonging in books. Coming into View Coming into View REIYL LITE A biennial programme that focuses on building the skills of new researchers and promoting equity and social justice. REIYL Lite 2021 will be an online workshopping conference for new researchers looking to promote equity and social justice in their research. The conference will consist of break out sessions facilitated by industry and academy leaders where new researchers will submit short presentations and be offered opportunities for constructive critiques and Q&As. There will also be toolbox building sessions for collective sessions, to specifically address new researchers entering their fields post-COVID and continuous social upheavals happening across the globe. All of the facilitators will be WoC.

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